I Finally Finished Summer School…

..but regular classes start in a week. Due to lack of funds (it’s the end of the month and my bills are due) I will not be doing anything exciting in my week-long summer vacation. I’m okay with that though. Even though I spend an unhealthy amount of time on my couch, it will be nice to be sitting here with no homework hanging over my head.

I do have to say I’m excited for classes to start. I’ve been only doing online classes for the past month or so. I miss sitting in a classroom, in front of a real teacher. The online class had lectures up and it just didn’t compare. There’s nothing like sitting in class and taking notes. It may be boring at times to sit in class but online classes lack the discussions that occur in the classroom. I wasn’t able to ask questions, voice ideas. It may surprise you to learn, but I am a very vocal person in the classroom. (sarcasm)

Enough about school, I’m supposed to be taking a week long break. Except I really don’t have anything to write about. The only thing I can say is for the first time since I moved into my apartment I have food! I normally only buy the essentials; milk, eggs, yogurt. Besides that I eat off of my stores of gluten-free pasta and the 10 pound bag of rice my mom bought me. Now I actually have some food to actually cook! I even indulged and bought myself some ice cream (it was on sale). I probably shouldn’t have spent as much money as I did, but it is a nice change from eating rice every meal.

Tomorrow night is my first meeting for graduate school! Eeep! It’s scary to think I’m graduating in the spring, let alone considering graduate school. I’d be staying at Rowan to complete a Masters in Criminal Justice. If I apply tomorrow night to the program the $65 application fee is waived, so I figure whats the harm. I take my GRE’s in November, once I find out how I do it will have more of a bearing on whether or not I apply to more schools.

In happy news the Phillies swept the Nationals this week and Jayson Werth struck out A LOT. Dom Brown also managed to live up to some of the hype. Check out the Dom Brown Hose Report on ZoowithRoy. That throw to the plate in the GIF is incredible!

Hope everyone enjoys the last official week of summer!

About ellenensminger

I am a recently diagnosed Celiac living in Glassboro, NJ. I am attending Rowan University for Law and Justice with a minor in Psychology.
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