Canoe Carnival Came and went…

and we won first prize in our group for our Adams Family themed float!

This year, due to our small group size, they decided to take it simple on the building, use people on the float and just have fun with it. All their hard work really paid off. The float looked great!

My brother of Das Ale Hausย and his girlfriend were a perfect Morticia and Gomez

We even had an Uncle Fester and Cousin It!

My sister’s birthday, much to her dismay, always falls on or around Canoe Carnival weekend. This year she turned 18! I still see her as my 13 year old kid sister, though this year she is off to Juniata in Pennsylvania to do her freshman year. It makes me feel so old to think my baby sister is a freshman in college. For her birthday my mom made a Pride Rock Cake, catering to her lifetime love (or obsession) with the Lion King! It was very cool, and unfortunately not gluten-free. My cookies and BBQ beef were both gluten-free and a big hit at Canoe Carnival. I guess I will have to start trying to bake more often!

Now that the weekend is over its back to my usual; work, school work, and the internship. Today in an effort to procrastinate doing anything productive I spent the majority of the day looking at graduate schools and law schools. Graduate school is something I am definitely interested in. I would love to do some sort of research focusing around criminal behavior and the mindset behind it. Law school is something that I may have an interest down the line in, but not right away. I think it would be cool to become a defense attorney, or maybe even a prosecutor when I grow up. For now I’m just considering entering Rowan’s 1 year M.A. program in Criminal Justice. I think I have a good chance of getting into the program, and I could do a thesis-track where outside of 3 or 4 research classes, I choose what to do my other 6 credit hours in. If I wind up staying at my internship after graduation, I have an easy way to do research in community corrections, I would just have to figure out which aspect I wanted to focus on. This is all future stuff, right now I’m just concerned about finishing my bachelors, but if I do Rowan’s program I would like to enter it right away, so I would need to start the application process soon.

Hopefully I’ll have time to update again later this week, its a busy one! This weekend one of my best friends is coming home to visit and I can’t wait, but it also means I have a lot of cleaning to do before she gets here! I can’t let her see what a slob I really am.

Until next time here’s a clip of our float launching Saturday night!

About ellenensminger

I am a recently diagnosed Celiac living in Glassboro, NJ. I am attending Rowan University for Law and Justice with a minor in Psychology.
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