My First Foray into Gluten-Free Baking

With only an online class left, one day at my internship, and 3 days if I’m lucky at the paying job, I have way too much free time on my hand. So instead of spending my time reading crap pseudo-porn novels (jk I’ve read 50 Shades of Grey twice now), I decided to bake cookies!

I’ve been afraid to try to make cookies, or any type of baked good, since I was diagnosed a year ago. It’s crazy to think that it’s been a year on Saturday since I got my official diagnosis, it seems like I’ve been doing this my whole life. Sometimes I get cravings for gluten-filled foods, especially real beer and bread, but for the most part being healthy is much more satisfying than an ice-cold beer. When I’ve spent a long time without getting glutened, I have those “psshhhh just one beer wouldn’t kill me moments” but then without fail I get poisoned some how and I’m like “omg this is death why would I ever consider doing this to myself on purpose.”

Anyways back to the baking, I pulled a recipe from Gluten Free Betty for her Favorite Sugar Cookies. I liked her recipe because it just said “gluten-free flour mix” where as a lot of other recipes had specific amounts of types of flour. I’m poor, I don’t have the money to spend on Almond Flour, Potato Flour, and 8 million other types of flour that your recipe specifies. My mom bought the King Arthur Gluten-Free Multi-Purpose Flour last year, so that’s what I had to use.

Her recipe is only for a few cookies, so I tripled it and went to work. Lacking a mixer, which is imperative to baking, I improvised. I used an immersion blender, also stolen from my mom, to cream the butter and sugar. Then I added the eggs and vanilla, and hit it with the immersion blender again. From there I added my dry ingredients by hand. It was slow going, especially as the batter thickened, but I think that the mixer actually over works the flour which can lead to that nasty gluten-free texture.

I took a little piece of the dough and baked off half a dozen cookies for Tuesday night. I had a friend coming down and wanted her opinion, she loved them! The rest of the dough got refrigerated over night. The next day I went to work rolling out the dough and cutting out cookies. It took forever! I don’t have a rolling-pin, and only have one half-size cookie sheet. Eventually I baked off all the cookies, and let them cool.

Here’s the process, I discovered very quickly that the dough MUST be cold for it to be workable, so in between each batch I popped the dough in the freezer to keep it that way. If not it stuck to everything, and didn’t want to let me cut it into my pretty stars.

So many cookies! I let them sit over night and decorated them today. I used Gluten-Free Betty’s recipe for icing for about half the cookies, then I dipped some in white chocolate, and then others I dipped in white chocolate then sprinkled with coconut. They look super pretty, and I think they are delicious. Hopefully everyone else agrees!

These are the finished product! I’m pretty proud of myself considering its been a year since I’ve baked anything, and I’ve never baked anything gluten-free. This positive experience has given me a little more confidence, and I’m going to attempt more baking. Next on my list is a chocolate cake! Betty Crocker makes a pretty good Devil’s food cake that is gluten-free, but I think I can do it better!



In other news the Phillies have actually won 2 games in a row against the Nationals *gasp* I’m still sad that Victorino and Pence left but Victorino did one of the classiest things I’ve ever seen from a traded player. He took out a full-page advertisement to thank the fans in Philadelphia for all the love and support over the years. You can see the ad here. It is nice to see a player recognize that it is his time to go, and to do it in such a tasteful way.

I also may be visiting the FBI and the DEA headquarters in 2 weeks, as long as I get approved. I hope I do! I think it would be so cool to get to tour the headquarters of both operations, and it may give me an idea of where I want to head in the future. The FBI doesn’t hold much appeal, but the DEA definitely does!

This weekend is Canoe Carnival, I hope to get some good pictures to share with you! It’s an event my home town does every year, where we build parade floats strung between 2 canoes. It’s really cool and an excuse for everyone to get together and eat drink and be merry! I’m bringing my newly completed cookies as well as cooking a roast in the Crock Pot (another acquisition from my mother) and I’m going to pull it and smother it in BBQ sauce. Last time I did this it was amazing, hopefully it will turn as good if not better!

Hopefully I’ll have time to post on Monday, I plan on using my new-found free time to keep this updated a little better. Have a great weekend and enjoy this picture of my babies! They are getting along a little better now, I think it’s only time before they are the best of friends!


About ellenensminger

I am a recently diagnosed Celiac living in Glassboro, NJ. I am attending Rowan University for Law and Justice with a minor in Psychology.
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1 Response to My First Foray into Gluten-Free Baking

  1. Carolyn says:

    Wow, you have a very kind and generous mother. You must really appreciate her! 🙂

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