I’m terrible at keeping this updated….

I know, I know, I never post consistently. Its hard. I am up at 6:15 every morning, shower, make breakfast, drink my coffee, go to my internship, then drive the hour to my other job, where I work till about 10 at night. Come home, pick up, around the apartment, do the car box, wash my face, go to bed to get up and do it again the next day. It is exhausting!

The cat has moved in with me, and lived here happily for about 2 weeks now. After my long debate on cat food (which can be read here), I decided to go with the Wellness Core for Miley. She seems to love it! At first Miley wasn’t eating, but I think she was stressed from the move. Now she’s devouring a bowl a day of the food. Despite my original plan to try a bunch of food to see which one she likes best, I think I’m going to stick with Core.

The debate about the Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza rages on. I blogged about it here, but the debate goes further. CeliAct, makers of a digestive support system for Celiacs, decided to test the “Gluten-Free” Pizza from three different cities in the United States. In Boston and New Orleans, the pizza’s came back with less than 3 parts per million of the gluten protein, and in Washington, D.C. the pizza tested at 7 ppm. Both of these numbers are below the proposed FDA threshold of 20 ppm for gluten-free labeling, and below the threshold of 10 ppm that the Gluten-Free Certification Organization uses. While Domino’s is still not recommending their gluten-free pizza for Celiacs, however in my opinion it can’t be much worse than eating out anywhere with a “gluten-free menu”. Any restaurant with a gluten-free menu  cannot guarantee that the food is gluten-free, unless they have a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. The full article about the testing of the Domino’s Pizza’s can be found here. I am seriously debating trying the pizza!

I do have some exciting news though, for me at least! Two liquor stores by me have started carrying more gluten-free beers. Monster Beverage now carries all three types of New Planet Gluten-Free Beer. A little pricey, at almost $10 for a four pack, I have only had the funds to try one type. The 3R Raspberry Ale is a little sweet, incredibly refreshing, and only a mild sorghum taste. I don’t know about other gluten-free beer drinkers but I hate that sorghum after taste. The Off the Grid Pale Ale is next on my list to try, it has a promise of a spicy hop flavor. When  I could drink real beer, I never was a fan of beers with a strong hop flavor. Now that I’m gluten-free, I feel that hops is somewhere where brewers are really lacking when making “beer”. The Tread Lightly Ale also sounds delicious. The description promises a light, yet full bodied beer.

Also endearing about the New Planet Beers are the names. Each name is designed to spark a remembrance in the drinker to do something good for the planet. 3R Raspberry reminds the drinker to reduce, reuse, recycle, Off the Grid encourages the drinker to be aware of their use of fossil fuel in their homes, and doing what they can to reduce use. The Tread Lightly Ale reminds the drinker to leave the wild places they explore the way they found them. Pick up trash and debris and help restore human damage to nature.

In other beer news, Utah based Epic Brewing Company‘s gluten-free beer, the aptly named Glutenator, is now available at Hops and Grapes. I know Epic is a great brewing company,  and this beer uses millet, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and American hops. No sorghum! I will be able to do a full review once I try the beer, which hopefully will be soon.

Today starts Philly Beer week, in celebration, I send you to my brother who chronicles his adventures in home brewing at Das Ale Haus. While he has yet to attempt to brew gluten-free, hopefully that is on his agenda once he fine tunes his process. There are also some reviews of non gluten-free craft brews. Check him out!

For all my Phillies fans out there check out Zoo with Roy, especially this post about Chooch flashcards. Take special note of the flashcard on the bottom especially the one from Andrew on Twitter. That is also a post from my brother.

Have a great weekend everybody!

About ellenensminger

I am a recently diagnosed Celiac living in Glassboro, NJ. I am attending Rowan University for Law and Justice with a minor in Psychology.
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1 Response to I’m terrible at keeping this updated….

  1. dasalehaus says:

    I do want to make a gluten free beer, but all of the recipes I can find involve the dreaded S word. However if someone is going to use an abundance of hops to offset any flavor it’s me. It’s on my to do list, and now that I’ve got a third fermenter I can probably do it sooner than I thought.

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