On Being a Crazy Cat Lady…

I don’t actually qualify as a Cat Lady. I don’t have 15 cats crawling around my apartment, I don’t even have one yet. At my parent’s house I have a cat. Her name is Miley, I got her when I moved home 3 years ago from Rhode Island.

There she is as a kitten.

I’ve discovered that living on my own is quiet, a nice quiet but sometimes at night it would be nice to have someone to hang out with. Since the manfriend and I are no longer together due to scheduling conflicts, I decided it was time for Miley to make her home with me.

Miley likes to groom, not just herself but anyone who comes in contact with her. With her inclination to groom me, and the fact that my apartment is small, I have concerns about cross-contamination in the apartment. I started doing research about grain-free cat foods and I could use a little help.

My parents got free samples of Science Diet’s Grain-Free Dog Food through BzzAgent. Science Diet also offers Grain-Free Cat Food. The reviews I read on the Petsmart website, and a place called Eopinions; both noted the increase in stool, and if your cat doesn’t have a sensitivity to grain it’s not worth the price, but what about when the human has the sensitivity to grain? Is this something I want to do for my cat to make my life better? The reviews also mentioned the cat’s loving the food, I’m assuming that is a good thing.

Wellness makes a grain-free cat food that is called Core. It is higher in fiber and protein than the Science Diet and lower in fat. Both foods cost about the same at Petsmart, so I’m wondering if people have tried both and found which one their cat prefers? The reviews about this food were good, nothing about stinky poops or a larger amount of them. The reviews on how much the cat liked the food were mixed, some said it seemed they weren’t as interested in it, and some claimed their cat loves it! Both foods the reviewers mention how the food itself didn’t smell so great, but I’m thinking stinky cat food may be worth it for my health. People also mentioned how healthy their cats seemed when eating the Core foods.

The other brand I read about was Innova Prime Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. I’m confused about their analysis of the protein and fat but its seems to be about in line with the other two foods, maybe a little less protein than the Wellness Core Food. This one must be a fairly new product because I only found one poorly written review, but it said good things!

The other brand that makes grain-free foods is Blue Buffalo. They have a series of foods called Blue Wilderness. Blue Buffalo is the only brand that offers different flavor varieties and an indoor cat formula. The reviews for the indoor cat variety are glowing. They say that cats seem happy, healthy, with a shiny coat, and no increase in poop. If anything the reviews made it seem like the cats poop less, its less stinky, and it makes them less likely to throw up after eating. Blue Buffalo also offers an indoor cat food called Blue Freedom that is grain-free. The only concern I have with the Blue Buffalo foods; they all contain barley grass. Depending on where you’re reading barley grass is considered gluten-free since it doesn’t contain the actual grain. It still makes me nervous.

Clearly I have decisions to make, if anyone knows anything about going grain-free with your pets it would be appreciated!

And since today was all about my cat…enjoy the NO NO NO Cat!

About ellenensminger

I am a recently diagnosed Celiac living in Glassboro, NJ. I am attending Rowan University for Law and Justice with a minor in Psychology.
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