Monday Munchies!

I figured for once, I’d try to get a jump, food wise, on the week. I just finished boiling potatoes to make potato salad, and hard boiling some eggs for sandwiches. I have lunch meat in the fridge, and some frozen Amy’s Rice Pasta Mac and Cheese. I have a fresh bag of spring mix to make salads, and some gluten-free dressings. I just bought Maple Grove Farm’s Fat Free Honey Dijon, and Annie’s Lite Goddess Dressing. I love the Annie’s Lite Goddess dressing, but be careful, only the light version is gluten-free, NOT the regular version.

I’m proud to say the manfriend actually got some action on the rugby field on Saturday, not so proud to say he did come home with a black eye. I only lasted at the scrimmage for about an hour and a half; despite the beautiful weather we’ve been having, it was in the low forties with fifty mile an hour winds. My family had come out to see the manfriend play, so we went to Dublin Square, an Irish pub down the street from the rugby field, while he played in the brutal wind. We do a really good job of supporting him, don’t we?

Early yesterday morning, I dragged the manfriend to the grocery store. I do have to say that grocery shopping has become easier and easier with every trip. I’m beginning to know what to look for, and where, and what I need, what I like, what products are worth the elevated prices for being gluten-free. Its less depressing to go, and because I know what the store carries, it’s starting to become fun again. I’ve always loved food, and loved to shop; grocery shopping was the epitome of these two loves, and I’m pleased to say I can enjoy it again. Even the manfriend agrees that grocery shopping with me is less of a process now.

A product that is definitely worth the elevated, gluten-free prices are Udi’s Pizza Crusts. I talked about them in my previous post (Happy Fat Tuesday!) and had wanted to try pre-baking the crusts before topping them.  Pre-baking the crusts made them infinitely more crunchy than the first time we used them. This time I topped the pizza’s with onions, peppers, and bacon left over from breakfast. I also threw some pineapple on my pizza. I managed to get pictures of the pizza’s this time before the manfriend scarfed his down. I have to say I can make a pretty delicious looking pizza.

I’m going to start trying to take more of my own pictures to use on this site. I have a brand new camera, and a new phone with an awesome camera on it. I will obviously continue to write, but I want to start photo-blogging my food. I feel like it will be useful for readers to see what the food looks like when made by the average gluten-free customer.

Any other suggestions to help improve my blog would be greatly appreciated! For now, its time for me to do something with all those potatoes I just boiled up. Have a happy monday!

Oh and because it won the best song award last night, check out Man or Muppet written by Brett Mackenzie of Flight of the Concords


About ellenensminger

I am a recently diagnosed Celiac living in Glassboro, NJ. I am attending Rowan University for Law and Justice with a minor in Psychology.
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2 Responses to Monday Munchies!

  1. Dad says:

    Yes it always fun to shop with someone else is paying:) Love you, Dad

  2. michnecker says:

    you go guurl :] sweet pizzas!

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