Happy Fat Tuesday!

I’ve spent an insane amount of time studying for my Perception test at 1:45, so I figured I’d take a break to clear my head before I go crazy. It’s always frustrating when you think you’ve studied everything and then you look at the study guide to find out there’s stuff on there you’ve never heard of, and can’t find in your book or in your notes. So I’m taking the I know what I know and hopefully that will be enough approach. This is what I feel like doing to my study guide/notebook/textbook. 

On a brighter note, it’s a beautiful day. 🙂

Last week I reviewed Bakery on Main’s Maple Multigrain Muffin Flavor Oatmeal (see here). They were kind enough to send me samples of their two other flavors of oatmeal, which were also quite tasty. The Strawberry Shortcake flavor, which from the name I had expected to be super sweet, was amazing. It had these little chunks of strawberries in it for sweetness, but over all was just delicious. If you were a late diagnosis with the gluten-free lifestyle and have tried Special K’s Red Berries, the flavor reminded me of that cereal.

The other flavor Bakery on Main makes is Apple Pie. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of cooked apple. As a kid, my brother and I always had our own boxes of oatmeal, he was the apple cinnamon, and I was maple brown sugar. From what I remember of the Quaker Oat’s flavors, Bakery on Main’s Apple Pie was much better. Instead of just having an “apple flavor” there were actually chunks of apple’s in the oatmeal.

One of the reason’s I like the Bakery on Main Oatmeal so much is the ingredients. It’s not just oats and flavoring. Each oatmeal contains a blend of chia, millet, quinoa, amaranth, and flax, as well as dried fruit (for the Apple Pie and Strawberry Shortcake flavors). I also love that the sweetener is evaporated cane juice and not one of those sugar substitutes. I’ve already purchased another box of the Maple Mulitgrain Muffin, and will most likely be buying some of the Strawberry Shortcake next time I’m at the grocery store. While the Apple Pie was good, it was just not quite my cup of tea. If you are interested in trying Bakery on Main Oatmeal, and cannot find it in a store near you, fear not. They are currently offering free shipping on Oatmeal on their website.

As usual, this weekend was spent with the manfriend, but for once we actually got to spend some time just the two of us. Friday night, we just hung out at his apartment, however, it was a very strange situation. His one roommate’s girlfriend’s cousin bought a keg for the manfriends apartment, and then invited her friends over. When I got home from work, there were maybe ten people there, but the manfriend and his roommates had no idea who any of them were. So the roommates, the manfriend, and I sat on the couch and observed these random people “party” in their apartment. Eventually people just started leaving, and the manfriend’s apartment was left with an almost full keg for free.

Saturday, I woke up early and harassed the manfriend into accompanying me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. While they don’t offer a gluten-free menu, they were accommodating with my sensitivity, and some research online lead me to find their Fried Apples are gluten-free. Cracker Barrel is a 25 minute drive from Glassboro, but it was definitely worth the trip. After breakfast we did a little shopping at the Cherry Hill mall, so I could feed my addiction. When I was living in Providence, there was a store called Lush in the Providence Place Mall. When I moved home the closest location was in Philadelphia, but about a year ago they opened in the Cherry Hill Mall, about twenty minutes from where I live. Lush is a all natural cosmetics and bath store. They have some of the best smelling soaps and the coolest products I’ve ever seen. They also have these incredible bubble baths, bath bombs, and bath melts, for when you want to relax. All of their ingredients are listed in the store on the displays. From what I’ve seen most of their soaps are gluten-free, but the moisturizer may contain some gluten. You can check out their products here, and I’m sure if you have any questions about their products they’d be happy to respond to an email.

For dinner on Saturday I had a pizza craving. So we bought some Udi’s gluten-free Pizza Crusts and made our own. We decided to go with a white pizza; garlic, fresh spinach ,cherry tomatoes,and broccoli, mozzarella and some ricotta topped with an Italian seasoning blend. I mean to take a picture, but we ate them too fast. I will definitely use these crusts again, however I think I’d pre-bake the crust next time. The crust was good, but maintained a bit of a gummy texture when only cooked for the time suggested on the back.

It’s about time for me to leave for class, fingers crossed I do well on my test! Here’s a smile for today, though it makes me miss my puppy!

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About ellenensminger

I am a recently diagnosed Celiac living in Glassboro, NJ. I am attending Rowan University for Law and Justice with a minor in Psychology.
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