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A Late Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

I never made it around to posting this weekend, so Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope your holiday was amazing, and your gluten-free meal a success. My mom makes the best stuffing in the world and she was kind enough … Continue reading

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I love lazy Sundays….

Yesterday was one of those days where it just leaves you feeling completely relaxed. The manfriend and I slept in then spent the day watching football on the couch. Of course being the wonderful, and domestic, girlfriend I am….I spent … Continue reading

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Since I’m off work today, I might as well blog about….work

Since May, I’ve been working at Uno’s Chicago Grill in Maple Shade, New Jersey. When I got hired there, I had no idea about the gluten-free lifestyle, or Celiac Disease. We have a Gluten Free Menu (click here to see), but … Continue reading

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I know I’ve said it in my previous posts, but changing to a gluten free lifestyle is hard. Scratch that, its more than hard, its devastating. I can’t go out to eat with my manfriend without carefully selecting a restaurant before … Continue reading

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Attempting to go blonde….again!

I admit it, I’m a compulsive hair dyer. I love changing my hair color to fit the seasons, dark in the winter, light in the summer. However, the past weeks warm weather has inspired me to try again to return … Continue reading

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I have a million things to do…so naturally I’m starting a blog.

As a college student, naturally, I am procrastinating writing my papers, fortunately they aren’t due for a few weeks so I’m actually being productive by thinking about doing them early. In my procrastination, I have decided to start a blog. … Continue reading

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